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This software was designed for airline crew members who requested to have their roster in private PC and in their cell phone.

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Getting roster to the phone

  • you can fill in MyRoster with your flight data in minutes - see paragraph "Add to roster" below
  • application can export it further to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
  • after exporting to Microsoft Outlook you can sync its calendar with most of the cell phones a have your roster with you all the time

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Viewing your roster

  • MyRoster stores your flight data, you can browse past months
  • you can view your roster in list view or in calendar view
  • different events (day off, flight, ...) are shown in different colours

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How to insert your flight data into PC

  • open "Add to roster" window and in its left side choose flight number and a date. Other data like destination, takeoff and landing time are filled in automatically. For this reason it is necessary to regularly update file containing company flight schedule.
  • you can choose if you want to have your flights divided into legs, or to have flight there and back added as one event
  • you can create your own events like sim session, office duty, etc.

In case you are interested in MyRoster application, contact me here » Contact.