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This application counts aerodrome operating minima for approach.

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Minima calculation

  • application enables user to select various parameters for approach
  • before calculation Minimum Descent Height is checked (different for various approach types) and this value si adjusted if necessary
  • using this number Minimum Descent Altitude (or Decision Altitude) is calculated
  • according to parameters (set by user) application determines minimum required RVR (or visibility)
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Basis of calculation

  • application contains all required tables, which serve as basis of calculation
  • these tables can be viewed by user to check accuracy of data or calculation process
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Editing basis of calculation

  • user can edit tables, after he/she saves changes, original table is preserved and new table is added to the database
  • new table also contains date and time of creation along with name of person who created it
  • since that moment this new table is used for calculations
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History of editing tables

  • outdated table is moved to the archive
  • application offers user an interface to browse and view outdated tables
  • every table in archive shows also date and time of its creation and name of author

In case you are interested in Minima application, contact me here » Contact.