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This application reduces paperwork for company employing pilots.

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Regulatory requirements

  • regulations require companies to archive records about every pilot
  • every company needs to archive documents from flight checks, copies of passport, all licences, and many more
  • all together it is required to store 30 different copies for every pilot
  • besides documents which are still valid, company needs to store every expired document for 5 more years

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Web interface

  • application runs in web browser and shows data from given directory (local PC, server folder or folder on other PC within local network)
  • application is designed to enable comfortable and fast working even with data located on remote and slow server
  • person responsible for pilots documents archive usually receives a document from pilot, copies it on one or more papers and this papers puts somewhere on the shelf
  • with FCpapers this person scans the document - scanners are nowadays able to send output image directly to predefined folder
  • application then offers you quick list, search and viewing of stored documents

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How to assign scanned document to a proper pilot name

  • documents which were not assigned yet are shown in the red box
  • clicking on the document name enables user to view it on the right side of the window
  • combo boxes to choose pilot name and document type can be found above the document
  • there are also 3 fields to insert document expiration date

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Watching of document validity

  • documents which are expired or are close to expiration date are coloured in red
  • user can view a list of these "red" documents
  • in this list you can group documents by expiration date, pilot name or document type

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Document maintenance

  • you can change document description at any time
  • expired document needs to be archived for another 5 years
  • button at the top left corner enables you to move expired document to the archive

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Archivation of expired documents

  • expired documents are moved by user to the archive
  • these documents can be grouped by expiration date, pilot name or document type

In case you are interested in FCpapers application, contact me here » Contact.