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This software was created for CSA crews. They were waiting long years for an opportunity to easily and expressly determine their flight time limits.

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Welcome page

  • application is based on definitions of flight time limits in chapter 7 of CSA company operations manual
  • this page enables to check current version of application and gives instructions to user in case that update is necessary
  • it also gives user an opportunity to easily contact author of Chapter7

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  • on this page user fills all the relevant fields, which are required for maximum flight duty time calculation. User inserts take-off time, number of sectors, type of flight (e.g. long-haul flight)
  • in the next step user can choose additional parameters (split flight duty, augmented crew, double crew, planed extension)
  • the result is displayed in the red rectangle, it shows last possible time of flight duty ending according to regulations
  • whole flight duty is depicted at the bottom of the page. Blue colors mean flight time, orange means rest and yellow means window of circadian low

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  • this page displays detailed description of calculation process
  • every calculation step also contains paragraph number, it is the paragraph from chapter 7 which was used for this particular step

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  • this page enables user to calculate first possible time of starting next flight duty
  • user just utilizes flight data previously inserted in other pages, on this page he/she just inserts time of actual landing
  • result is minimum time of rest required along with first possible time to start working again

In case you are interested in Chapter7 application, contact me here » Contact.